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  • Skills Camps (Grades 6 and up)
  • Classroom Resources (In-Class Challenges and Presentations)
  • Indigenous Beading Kit Challenge
  • Young Men’s & Women’s Trade Exploration Workshops (Grades 9-12)
  • Women in Trades & Technologies (WITT) Events
  • Career Fairs (Skills Expo)
  • Digital Literacy Skill Development
  • Northern Regional Competitions
  • Provincial, National, and International Competitions (Secondary, Post-Secondary, and Apprentice Students)

Skills Canada Saskatchewan promotes the skilled trade and technology occupations through hands-on interactive activities, education, skill development, and career opportunities. Our year-round programming within the Public, Private, Catholic, and First Nation’s school systems brings awareness; to teachers, students, parents, and the public, of the skilled trades and technologies careers, and their importance to Saskatchewan. Our competitions showcase the talent of our youth and the complexity in skilled trades and technologies.  

Incredible opportunities exist in Skilled trades and technologies.  Let’s work together to inspire, engage and inform our youth. 

Skills Canada Saskatchewan (SCS) is a province-wide not-for-profit organization with a variety of initiatives encouraging Saskatchewan’s youth to pursue rewarding careers in skilled trades and technologies.


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Our Mission

To promote and engage Saskatchewan youth in skilled trades and technologies