Choosing Competitors/ Registration

Each competition area at the high school (secondary) will allow for one competitor per school entry in most cases. Each high school will choose their best competitor to compete in the Provincial Skills competition. This can be done through entering a regional competition in your area if one is being held or by holding a shorter skills challenge at the school level. Alternate competitors can only be entered if Skills Saskatchewan indicates that more than one entry will be accepted in a specific competition area when registration opens.  Competitors must be enrolled in highschool (gr 9-12) or in a post-secondary or apprentiship program .  There is no maximum age for Provincial Competitors so long as they meet the requirements.  There are age restrictions for National and World level competitors.  Please review them at:

Post-secondary competitors can enter on line and be chosen by their instructor at one of the post-secondary campuses. In some cases competitions may have to be held internally to decide the person eligible for the provincial competition. Only one entry will be allowed per event / per post-secondary campus unless otherwise indicated.

Apprentice competitors and special training centres can register on line for the competition area they are skilled in and wish to enter.