Classroom Resources

Classroom Resources

Skills Canada Saskatchewan (SCS) promotes the skilled trade and technology occupations through hands-on interactive activitieseducationskill development, and career opportunities. SCS provides valuable resources for teaches to supplement classes and integrate into the curriculum, whether it be for the career modules or within a variety of subjects including Science and Technology, Language Arts, and Math.

Our year-round programming within the Public, Private, Catholic, and First Nation’s school systems, brings awareness to teachers, students, parents, and the public, of the skilled trades and technologies careers and their importance to Saskatchewan. Our competitions showcase the talent of our youth and the complexity in skilled trades and technologies.

Incredible opportunities exist in Skilled trades and technologies. Let’s work together to inspire, engage and inform our youth.

Available Kits

We only have the Log Cabins and Delta Darts available

June 13,2023

CARPENTRY – Model Cabin Construction Kit

Aaron Vopni, Saskatchewan Journey Person and Red Seal Qualified Carpenter speaks about his educational road to certification as a Carpenter. He also discusses a typical day in his skilled trade and the construction industry. Aaron guides students through construction of their cabins while discussing framing techniques and building material and strength. Comes with all the parts to construct the cabin frame and outer sheeting. Students discover how homes are framed and constructed. Suitable for Gr 6 and up.

CONSTRUCTION – Build Your Own Birdhouse Kit

Aaron Vopni, Saskatchewan Journey Person and Red Seal Qualified Carpenter speaks about his educational road to certification as a Carpenter. He also discusses a typical day in his skilled trade and the construction industry. Aron guides students through the construction of their birdhouse. He touches on concepts of following building plans, techniques for joining wood construction materials and protecting raw wood structures from the elements by applying stains and paints. Students are encouraged to get creative with their painted exteriors. create something practical and at the same time beneficial for the environment. Perfect size for a chickadee or finch! Suitable for Gr 6 and up.

BEAUTY THERAPY – Nail Art Design

Watch Leanne Brown, Journey Person & Red Seal Esthetician, Business Owner, Educator and Technical Committee Chairperson for the Beauty Therapy Skills Saskatchewan Event, as she guides students through performing a basic manicure with a freestyle nail art design. Leanne guides them through the steps of; safety, sanitization, filing, cuticle care, hand & arm massage, nail buffing and, nail polishing and design. Students perform these tasks on their own hands. Kits include nail file, orangewood stick, polish, clearcoats, cuticle solvent, hand cream and acetone. Students can judge one another’s work and/or create short TikTok demo videos to share with their friends. Suitable for Gr 9 and up.

INDIGENOUS – Beading Kits

Check out the Indigenous Beading Kits available. The kits include everything you need including a link to video instructions. We provide the materials and the basic knowledge to get you started. We leave the creative ideas to you. Clements, Coordinator Business, Industry, Contracts & Community Engagement for North West College and Technical Committee Chairperson for the Indigenous Skill – Beading Skills Saskatchewan Event covers the basics of Indigenous beading. She demonstrates how to start a project, designing, measuring, multi-bead techniques, strengthening and fancy edging effects. Kits come with multiple bags of colored beads, thread, needles, earing backings, keychain ring and a phone holder (pop-socket). The kit comes in a sturdy tin large enough for future expansion with more beading supplies. Suitable for Gr 6 and up.


Watch Peter Boniface, Executive Director/Operations Manager, Air Operations Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency and Technical Committee Chairperson for the Skills Saskatchewan Aerospace Technology Event, as he guides students in how to construct the Delta Dart. Peter discusses the principals of flight, airframe construction and career paths and the aerospace industry in Saskatchewan. Students may test their air design and modifications by adding weight (coins) and pit their design against others in a contest for height and distance. Suitable for Gr 6 and up.

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connection

For examples of which curriculum modules and objectives fit within each challenge kit, click here. Please note that this document was updated last in October 2021. To ensure your curriculum references are current, please refer to the Saskatchewan Curriculm directly.

The in-class challenges are a great opportunity to introduce your students to trades and technologies through hands-on activities that also tie-in well with the Saskatchewan Curriculum.


Printable Summaries

For a Printable Summary with images of the kits, click here.

For an overview of how the Saskatchewan Curriculum applies to each kit, click here.