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 Contest Description (Scope)


Contest scopes are provided to give teachers and competitors an outline of what each specific contest entails. All scopes for the current competition year should be posted before the end of January 2019, but if the scope you are looking for is not posted yet, you may review "Past Scopes" as a starting point to, at least, give you an idea of what is involved.

Scopes are the main resource required to prepare for your contest, so it is very important that you review your contest scope carefully in advance of the competition. The contest scopes include the following information:

Date and location of your contest
Agenda for your contest
Tools supplied and tools you need to bring with you
Skills required to be successful in the contest

Please ensure you are reviewing the scope for the correct level of participation - the cover page of your scope will indicate if it is the Secondary or Post-Secondary scope.


CompetitionContest Description [Scope]Test
Other Documents
3D Computer Animation (S)    

Examples of 3D Computer Animation from previous years:

2D Computer Animation (S)    

Examples of 2D Computer Animation from previous years:

3D Game Art (S)      
Beauty Therapy (S)      
Beauty Therapy (PS)      
Aerospace Technology (PS)      
Architectural Technology and Design (S)      
Architectural Technology and Design (PS)      
Autobody Repair (S)      
Autobody Repair (PS)      
Industrial Control (PS)      
Automotive Technology(S)      
Automotive Technology (PS)      
Pastry and Confectionery (S)      
Bricklaying (S)      
Bricklaying (PS)      
Cabinetmaking (S)      
Car Painting (S)      
Car Painting (PS)      
Carpentry (S)      
Carpentry (PS)      
CNC Machining (PS)      
Cooking (S)      
Cooking (PS)      
Electrical Installations(S)      
Electrical Installations (PS)      
Electronics (S)      
Electronics (PS)      
Fashion Technology (S)      
Graphic Design (S)      
Graphic Design (PS)    

Archived Projects

Note: the archive projects are the practice projects that competitor should review prior to the competition

Hairstyling (S)      
Hairstyling (PS)      
Hairstyling Braiding & Bridal (S)      
Heavy Duty Equipment Repair (PS)      
Industrial Mechanic -Millwright (PS)      
IT Network Systems for Admin (S)      
IT Network Systems for Admin (PS)      
IT Software Applications (S)      
Job Search (S)      
Job Skills Demonstration (S)      
Mechanical CADD (S)      
Mechanical CADD (PS)      
Outdoor Power & Recreation Equipment (S)      
Photography (S)      
Plumbing (S)      
Plumbing (PS)      
Precision Machining (S)      
Precision Machining (PS)      
Public Speaking (S)      
Robotics (S)    

Robotics Court Dimensions

Mobile Robotics Clarification Document

Robotics Project 2023

Sheet Metal Work (PS)      
Sprinklerfitter Installer (PS)      
Steamfitter-Pipefitter (PS)      
Video Production (S)      
Website Development (S)      
Welding (S)      
Welding (PS)      
Workplace Safety (S)      



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