Northern Regional Skills Competition

Tansi and Edlanete

Welcome to the Meadow Lake Tribal Council Northern Regional Skills Competition (held with the support of Skills Canada Saskatchewan)!

Each year we give youth at the Meadow Lake First Nations and surrounding area schools an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in both traditional Indigenous skills and modern skills that prepare them for the workplace . Students are enriched by observing and participating in events like Beading, Fashion Technology where students create ribbon skirts or create, shape, and decorate Canoe Paddles. We host a Photography competition that highlights the land, language, relationships, and culture of the North. It’s an exciting time to see Indigenous Skills taught, promoted, and honoured by our young people.

On Feb 29, 2024 we will once again meet at the North West College-Carpenter High School (a shared facility) where we host 13 Regional Events.  While some of these events are Northern-specific, we see a time coming soon when these skills will be celebrated and competed at a Provincial and National level.  In the meantime, come join us in the North as we share bannock, eat neckbones, and braid hair amongst a number of other activities.  We hope this event inspires other Regions of the Province to showcase and compete in skills that represent the land, language, relationships, and culture!  Let’s show the world who we are and celebrate the skills being passed down to our young people.

Competition Areas

  • Indigenous Skill – Artwork
  • Indigenous Skill – Bannock/Leebay
  • Indigenous Skill – Beading
  • Indigenous Skill – Fashion Technology
  • Indigenous Skill – Paddle Making
  • Indigenous Skill – Cooking
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Hairstyling Braiding & Bridal
  • Photography
  • Public Speaking
  • Carpentry
  • Welding
  • Robotics

Feb 29, 2024

North West College + Carpenter High School

720 5 St W Meadow Lake, SK

Competition Partners

MLTC Education