Skills Canada National Competition

SCNC 2024 Final Results

Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) 2024 in Quebec City: Wrap-Up

Driven. Passionate. Focused. Energized. These are just a few of the adjectives we could use to describe the Skills Canada National Competition 2024 in Quebec City last week, where Canada’s best talent in skilled trades and technologies gathered to compete!

There was a combined total of 554 competitors from each of our Provinces and Territories (48 from Team Saskatchewan), with our team competing in 36 of the 45 skill areas, the electricity was palpable! Adding to the excitement, we had 6,000 students from local schools visiting over the two days of competitions, as well as countless visitors from the public.

The student visitors from schools in Quebec were able to come and learn about the many career choices in the trade and technology sectors. With over 50 Try-A-Trade® and Technology activities taking place, the possibilities were endless!

The number of volunteers that Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC) recruited to make this possible was approximately 440. This included all National Technical Committee members (NTCs), registration help, school trip organizers, safety representatives and so much more! This event could not take place without these wonderful people volunteering their personal time to help all competitors do what they do best!

In addition to volunteers, the SCNC (monetary and in-kind) sponsors make this massive event possible. Sponsors are from every sector, including Government partners, Education partners, Industry and Labour partners.

Skills for Success was highlighted throughout the two days of competition. Competitors and visitors were shown new skills through the theme of reading. This theme was showcased in Try-A-Trade® and Technology activities, signage throughout the venue.

The Skills Showcase highlighted the traditional First Nations, Inuit, and Métis skills and how they relate to the skill trade and technology careers that we promote through our programs. The Inuit students displayed beautiful parka projects which relate to the skill area of Fashion Technology. First Nation artist highlighted the importance of TV and Video production through a video created to tell First Nation stories. See video here

SCC in partnership with UA Canada, were able to support a group of students from Nunavut who participated in the Soaring Skills Program and learned about all the possibilities when you enter into the trade and technology sectors. They were included in activities with the National Alumni Committee and the Skills for Success Youth Assembly through a fun treasure hunt during competition days. A First Nation Elder was onsite to engage with these youth in an Elder Circle to really look at all life’s decisions.

The Empowering Women in Trades booth, sponsored by SCC’s presenting sponsor Cenovus, had Try-A-Trade® activities all hosted by women’s industry representatives. The National Alumni Committee women were present and able to engage with the visitors and tell their story to encourage female youth to consider the trades as a viable career choice.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies were second-to-none with some exciting entertainment provided, including the “Parade of Nations” where each team was announced as they entered the Opening Ceremony. Team Sask made us very proud!!!


Team Saskatchewan was AMAZING! We brought home a total of 11 medals in the following skill areas:

5 – Mechanical Engineering CAD PS Gold Jacob Murphy Sask Polytech

8 – IT Office Software Applications S Gold Camryn Greve Southeast Cornerstone Schools

17 – Web Technologies S Gold Rowan Redekopp Martensville High School

40 – Graphic Design Technology PS Gold Jorda Thomas Sask Polytech Regina

36 – Car Painting PS Silver Cole Benko Sask Polytech

50 – 3D Digital Game Art PS Silver Santiago Gutierrez Rivera Campbell Collegiate

D1 – Cloud Computing PS Silver Trung Hieu Le – Sask Polytech

16 – Electronics PS Bronze Evgeny (Eugene) Kilochek Sask Polytech Moose Jaw

23 – Mobile Robotics S Bronze Ethan McKenzie Rossignol High School

23 – Mobile Robotics S Bronze Haley Burnouf Rossignol High School

36 – Car Painting S Bronze Jack Unger Swift Current Comprehensive High School

53 – Outdoor Power & Recreation Equipment S Bronze Jayden Kachur Yorkton Regional High School

Skills Canada Saskatchewan (SCS) is incredibly proud of all of our competitors and look forward to seeing them compete in the future, we hope they will stay involved with SCS and join our alumni and maybe even become a Provincial Technical Committee member.

Skills Canada National Competition, Winnipeg, 24-27 May, 2023 – Wrap-Up

This year’s Team Saskatchewan for the 28th Annual, Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC), was the best Saskatchewan has ever had! There were so many excited and engaged Provincial Champions that represented the Province of Saskatchewan exceptionally well.

Team SK consisted of 44 competitors in 33 competition areas. Secondary and Post-Secondary competitors alike competed admirable against the nation’s best. The team ended up coming home with 10 medals! The winners are as followed:



🥉Aesthetics – Post-Secondary – Aletta van der Muelen

🥉Precision Machining – Post-Secondary – Dirk McChesney

🥉Mechanical Engineering CAD – Post-Secondary – Jack Sanderson



🥈Bricklaying – Post-Secondary – Adrien Bigchild

🥈Outdoor Power & Recreation Equipment – Secondary – Jayden Kachur

🥈Electronics – Post-Secondary – Eugene Kilochek

🥈Job Skill Demonstration – Secondary – Cassie Martynook

🥈Mobile Robotics – Secondary – Braidy Gardiner-Fiddler & Ethan McKenzie



🥇Graphic Design Technology – Post-Secondary – Clyde Abanid

🥇IT Office Software Applications – Secondary – Autumn Coates


Download SCNC 2023 Results


Thanks to all our National Technical Committee members who participated in SCNC 2023. They go the extra mile, assisting in preparations and facilitating the competitions at a national level. Allow us to extend thanks from the national office, Skills Competences Canada, for all your hard work leading up and during this year’s event in Winnipeg. See you in Quebec City for next year’s national competition!

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has been a proud supporter of Skills Canada both provincially and nationally for a number of years. Each year they give out a best of region award that highlights the top scoring competitor from each province and territory. This year’s Best of Region for Saskatchewan was Autumn Coates, competing in IT Office Software Applications – Secondary. RBC also include gives out a monetary prize of $1500 for each Best of Region winner. Congratulations again, Autumn!

This year’s Skills Canada National Competition was also a qualifying year for the 47th WorldSkills Competition 2024, taking place in Lyon, France. Because of his Gold medal finish in the National Competition, Clyde Abanid has been selected as the Team Canada representative for the Graphics Design Technology Competition at WorldSkills. It will be an incredible journey for Clyde this next year as he trains and prepares to compete against the world’s best. Congratulations again, Clyde!



Q1 - Does Skills Canada Saskatchewan cover extra baggage fees for competitors tools boxes?

Please refer to the SCNC Contract page 15

  • Note: A carry-on bag and one checked bag are included in the ticket. Toolboxes will need to fit into the checked bag, if possible. The Competitor is responsible for the cost of any additional baggage, overweight or oversized baggage. NOTE – Air Canada may NOT be able to accommodate large items on the smaller airplanes.  
  • As per the Skills Competences Canada schedule, toolboxes that need to be shipped to the Venue are to arrive on May 27 or 28, ONLY. Early arrivals will be returned to the sender. Late arrivals will not make it in time for skill area setup. The Competitor is responsible for ensuring their toolbox is either brought with them on the airplane or shipped to the Venue at their own cost.
  • Information and address for shipping toolboxes will be provided shortly
  • Alternatively, the toolbox could be shipped to the hotel directly, to be held for competitor name and arrival date and advise hotel you are shipping
Q2 - Who needs to fill out a contract?

Competitor, Advisor or Parent who plan on using the SCS flight booking.

*For each skill area we have one flight seat saved for the competitor and one advisor or parent, not both.

Q3 - Are they enough chaperones for the secondary students who do not have an advisor or parent traveling with them?

SCS will ensure that each competitor who is not traveling with a parent or advisor will have a chaperone assigned to them. Students will have chaperones available at the airport as well as the Team Leaders for boarding flights and getting to hotel in Quebec City. During competition days students will be escorted to and from competition, and be with a chaperone for dinner and up until end of day.

Q4 - Do I (advisor, parent or chaperone) have to pay the $450 registration fee to Skills Canada Saskatchewan if I have signed the contract to join the team and travel in the same flight booking?

You do not have to pay the registration fee. This fee is for those that want to be registered as a delegate for SCNC. Your registration fee will include the following:

  • Access to Opening and Closing ceremony during SCNC. 
  • Lunch onsite during competition days.
  • Access to other events taking place during SCNC.
  • Team Saskatchewan shirt and SCS Provincial Competition Shirt

You can choose to go as general public and purchase Ceremony Tickets separately from Skills Compétences Canada as per availability. You would also be responsible to arrange your own lunch on-site.

Q5 - What if I want to bring someone with me?

They will have to arrange their own flights and accommodation as we may not have enough reserved seats. They can use our hotel booking if rooms are still available.

Q6 - Do competitors have to share rooms?

Yes, each room is a double room. Post-secondary competitors will share rooms and secondary competitors will share rooms. If you choose to have your own room, it will be dependent on availability in our room block and we would require you to fill out a credit card form so that we can advise the hotel of the shared cost of that room.

Q7 - Who has to book hotel rooms?

SCS will book all rooms for competitors. Advisors/chaperones or parents traveling with the team will be responsible to book their own rooms using the information provided in the contract.

Q8 - Student Costs: Does Skills SK cover ALL costs for each Skills SK Team competitor?

Airfare – covered

Hotel – covered

Meals – Breakfast is covered at hotel, lunch is provided on competition days during SCNC at the venue. Competitors are responsible to cover their dinner daily and any costs incurred on travel days

Luggage – SCS flight reservation covers one checked bag, and you are entitled to bring a carry-on

Toolboxes – if you have a toolbox that is extra “luggage” you are responsible to cover that fee. SCS will be providing information to all competitors of where their toolbox can be shipped and what day the venue is accepting shipments, or alternately ship to hotel directly. (refer to question Q1)

Q9 - If sanctions prevent ADVISORS from accompanying their SKILLS SK TEAM competitor, does each competitor then need a PARENT chaperone?

No, if the parent is unable to come, SCS will ensure chaperones for secondary level students as required.

Q10 - What is the airfare group flight cost?

Flights leaving from both Regina and Saskatoon are $807 which includes carry on baggage and one checked bag. Parents and advisors who have signed a contract with SCS will be required to go to our website and fill out all the required information along with the credit card payment. SCS will then add those who have made payment to our flight booking and send confirmation via email.

Competitors will be registered directly with SCS, and we will require each competitor to send us a photo image of their identification that they will be using to check in at the airport. The information provided for the booking has to be identical to the ID they are using.

Flights are non-refundable

Flights leaving from both Regina and Saskatoon are $807 which includes carry on baggage and one checked bag. Parents and advisors who have signed a contract with SCS will be required to go to our website and fill out all the required information along with the credit card payment. SCS will then add those who have made payment to our flight booking and send confirmation via email.

Q11 - Would the Skills SK Team be leaving to determine how many sub days each teacher must ask for providing no sanctions?

Skills SK team and all registered attendees are leaving on May 28 and returning on June 2 – our deadline for flight reservations is April 8 – therefore, by April 12 we must confirm our travel booking with the Travel agency.

Q12 - Why do I need to provide credit card information?

We are asking for credit card information in the event that a secondary competitor cancels after their flight, accommodation and registration have been paid by SCS. We would need to recoup these funds.

Q13 - What type of identification do I need to board the plane?

There are quite a few options and some recent changes from Air Canada. Please refer to their website.

Air Canada travel documents

Q14 - I am a parent/advisor. Can I sit with the competitors at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies?

Opening Ceremony: No. The Team Sask section is not open to the general public. Therefore, only Competitors and Team Leaders will be sitting together.

Closing Ceremony: Yes. You are more than welcome to sit with the entire Team Sask and cheer them on!

Started in 1994, the Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) remains the only event of its kind in Canada. It is the only national, Olympic-style, multi-trade and technology competition for young students and apprentices in the country.

Every year, the event brings together over 550 young people from all regions of Canada, along with their parents and advisors, to compete in over 40 trade and technology areas. The Competition provides an opportunity for young Canadians studying a skilled trade or technology to be tested against exacting standards and against their peers from across the nation. Students vie to win the honour of being crowned the best in their chosen discipline.

The main goals of this event are to provide competitors with hands-on work experience and to raise awareness for the general population of the value of and challenge in skilled trades and technology careers. The SCNC showcases the talent and the expertise of young competitors from across Canada.

The journey to the SCNC is a long one for many students as they must compete at local, regional and provincial/territorial events to gain their place to represent their province/territory at the SCNC.

The SCNC is the main step in selecting the members of Team Canada for the WorldSkills Competition that is held every two years.