Job Search

There are few skills more important for securing work than the ability to impress a prospective employer during a job interview. Before setting out to market yourself, you must have a good knowledge of the product you are trying to promote. When hiring new staff, employers are generally looking for not only specific qualities related to the job, but also for a variety of general skills and abilities that you probably already possess. Think about what you have done in the past and all of the experiences you have had in different areas, then write it down and organize it in an effective manner. Transferable skills, such as interpersonal communications, organizational, analytical and problem-solving abilities, can be applied to many different jobs.

Practice interview questions with a friend before going to the interview, and prepare a list of relevant questions that you would like to ask your prospective employer. Take letters of recommendation, a copy of your resume and references to the interview. Answer all questions clearly and distinctly while stressing your qualifications. Act positively and confidently: the right attitude helps to convince the employer that you are the best person for the job. Be prepared to explain how the employer can benefit by hiring you, and you will leave the impression the you are the employee they are looking for. Finally, be sure to thank the interviewer and shake hands when the interview is over.

Traits and Talents

It is extremely important to make a positive first impression at a job interview. You should be polite and enthusiastic, and pronounce words in a clear and understandable manner. Listening skills are essential for understanding and interpreting the questions being asked, and to demonstrate your sincere interest in the position. If you know your personal qualities and how to sell yourself to a prospective employer, and can project confidence and a positive personal image during the interview, you have a better chance of getting the job. Being able to perform well at a job interview is a skill you will need throughout your career, whether you are applying for a new position or looking for a promotion from a current employer.

Skills for Success

The key Skills for Success for this career path are:

  • Oral Communication 
  • Working with Others 
  • Thinking: Problem Solving 

The Workplace

It is an excellent idea to find out about your prospective employer, the job you are applying for and the industry the employer is involved in before going to an interview. You can do this by reading company advertisements, newsletters, brochures, annual reports and industry publications, which can generally be found at your local public library. Doing this kind of research will show the employer that you are seriously interested in the position and increase your chances for success.