IT Office Software Applications

This competition area involves the use of the Microsoft Office application software.

Microsoft Office is used widely in businesses throughout Canada and around the world. As a result, more and more businesses require personnel who are fluent in the applications of Microsoft Access, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. These personnel can archive and retrieve electronic files, and enter and manipulate data for efficiency, analysis, reporting, and presentation.

A user with well-developed skills in Microsoft Access is able to manage records and create meaningful reports while accessing simple or complex databases. Skills in using Microsoft Excel enable the user to set up and manipulate numeric data on worksheets. The numerical data can range from simple numbers to the development of complex formulas and graphs. Microsoft Word facilitates the preparation of a wide variety of business documents while Microsoft PowerPoint software allows the user to confidently prepare and give electronic presentations.

When the user is able to troubleshoot, integrate, and apply the features within each of the Microsoft Office applications, businesses become more efficient. These computer skills are used at ALL LEVELS within an organization and help support corporate management teams with activities such as budgeting, supervising, and managing projects

Traits and Talents

People interested in this competition area using Microsoft Office software should have an aptitude for computers and enjoy using computers to facilitate their work. They should possess good communication, numeric, administrative, and problem-solving skills. Listening skills are also essential when dealing with clients and working with co-workers. Self-motivation, flexibility, and the ability to quickly adapt to any new products and equipment are needed to being successful as technology and software applications continually evolve and improve.

Education and Training

  • Computer Training Courses 
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Training 

The Workplace

IT Office Software Applications users perform some or all of the following duties: 

  • Produce reports and documents using Microsoft Word program 
  • Produce spreadsheets that contain critical data to be used for analysis and production of different data reports using complex formulas and graphs 
  • PowerPoint users allows users to complete simple to complex electronic presentations 
  • Access allows users to build databases to store and retrieve information by running queries. It enables users to store both numerical and text information for re-call. 
  • Users can utilize other programs like Microsoft project, one note and others for a variety of different purposes. 

Skills for Success

The key Skills for Success for this career path are:

  • Digital 
  • Reading 
  • Numeracy 

Sample Job Titles

  • Office assistant 
  • Business manager 
  • Information management specialist 
  • Records technician 
  • Project manager 

Companies and Sectors 

  • Everyone